Junior Chess in Surrey

Youngsters in Surrey have many opportunities to play chess and improve. There is a long tradition of support for junior chess in our county - generations of strong players, including several of today’s leading grandmasters, took their first steps in chess at the many schools and clubs in Surrey where chess is played.

The Surrey County Chess Association (SCCA) wishes to facilitate the sharing of information to encourage and support junior chess within the county.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child who wants to learn how to play, visit our Starting Out page where we explain the pathways open to children who are new to chess and would like to take their interest in the game further. Visit our Clubs for Juniors and Chess in Libraries pages to find out where children can go to play chess and improve. For juniors who are already playing to a high standard, we have pages on Junior Tournaments and Team Events.

The welfare of young people is always a priority. Please click here to download our Child Protection Policy (CPP), but please note that this only covers activities managed by the SCCA. To review the CPPs of other activities mentioned here please contact the organisers.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for here, or if you have any questions about junior chess in Surrey, just drop us an email or telephone Christine Golding on 01372 276506.

The information on these pages is provided in good faith to help parents, guardians and young people to explore the opportunities for junior chess in Surrey. Most of the organisations that provide junior chess in Surrey are not managed by the SCCA. SCCA manages the SCCA adult and junior county teams only. The SCCA is not responsible for and makes no warranties or representations in  relation to the safeguarding practices, services,  products or other materials available from such organisations outside of SCCA control.

While we have taken every care to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here, please contact the organisations directly for information by clicking on the links. If you have comments, corrections or additions to the information provided here, please let us know.