Match Results Entry

To enter results using the on-line form click here.

The use of the results form is quite intuitive and it should be possible to fill in the form without reference to the notes below (but see Match updates below anyway), and for information on using adjudication forms see here.

All data except new players and comments is available from drop-down lists. There is some context-sensitive help for the trickier fields when the mouse pointer hovers over those fields. All drop-down lists start with a 'blank' option which clears that field.

The following notes may help initially:

(1) Select Competition from the drop-down list.

(2) Select Home Team and Away Team. If the match is valid, the form will display the date and SCCA match number.

(3) Select the Board 1 Home team colour and the other board colours will be filled in automatically. Any of these colours may be over-typed if a game was played with the wrong colours.

(4) Fill in the Player, Score and (where appropriate) game Finish fields:

The Players for each team will normally be available from the drop-down lists and for each player selected, the ECF number (if known) and the appropriate rating (standard play or rapid play or online play) will be automatically inserted. If (new player) is selected, the Name, ECF code and rating can be inserted manually. An official (Controller approved) estimated rating is inserted as (e.g.) 1234e, an unofficial (club's own) estimated rating as (e.g.) 1234u and a player with no rating estimate as u. If (new player) was selected erroneously, the drop-down list can be regained by entering an asterisk (*) in the Name field. If a player was a Substitute, check the appropriate box.

Other special 'players' are (default) for non-appearance, (late arrival) where the player turned up after the latest time for the game and (walk-over) for non-appearance of opponent. Double defaults: if a board is not played by agreement, then enter both players as (default) with a score of 0 - 0.

The Score for a player can be selected from the drop-down list, but should be left blank for an unfinished game. The away player's score will be filled in automatically from the home player's score but not vice versa. This allows unusual situations such as a double default to be handled.

The game Finish types are F (Fischer), G (Guillotine), A (adjudication) and U (adjournment). The finish type will initially be set as the default for that competition but can be over-ridden by selecting from the drop-down list. Only those finish types available for that competition will appear in the drop-down list. The Finish column will not appear if there is only one finish type for that competition.

(5) Comments (if needed) should be inserted manually. Only those comments of general interest will be transferred to the on-line results pages.

(6) Select the reporting team from the Your Team drop-down list. This will fill in the captain's name and email address (if known) automatically. If someone is acting as a proxy for the captain, he/she should fill in his/her name and press enter. If the proxy is on the result system's list of personnel for the club (Secretary, Treasurer, Captain of another team, Fixtures Officer), the email address will probably be inserted automatically. If not, the proxy's email address should be entered manually.

(7) Check the fields on the form (especially the board colours, player names and team totals) and press Send. Wait until the red Wait button disappears and there is confirmatiom that emails have been sent.

Emails will be sent to the Inter-Club Tournaments Administrator. A results plain text file will be sent as an attachment to the entering captain (or proxy). Copies of this file will also be sent to SCCA oficials and the opposing captain (if their email address is known)

(8) If the opposing captain is happy with the results entered, he/she can reply to the email with Confirmed in the email body.

Match updates. To update match results (e.g. to report the result of an unfinished game or to correct player data) identify the match as above (Competition, Home Team and Away Team) and enter the modified game data only. An entry in the Comments field to explain the reason for the update would also be useful. Make sure that the team Totals are correct, identify the reporter (Your Team, Your Name and Your Email) and press Send as above.