2021/22 John Hawson Trophy

The John Hawson Trophy is open to players aged over 60 on 1 September 2021 who have played at least 5 games in SCCA team events. The trophy will be awarded to the player(s) with the highest percentage score. The table below lists all entrants who have played at least one game in SCCA team events. Those players marked in red have played at least 5 games. This table will be updated automatically as match results are received

Player Club(s) Games Score Percent
Emerson, RogerGuildford11100.000
Large, Peter GEpsom66100.000
Cooper, NeillWallington487.500
Foley, John PKingston6583.333
Harris, Ronald AS Norwood2216½75.000
Morant, David JSurbiton675.000
Shepley, Julien MGuildford201575.000
Stimpson, Philip MGuildford11872.727
Cath, H MartinS Norwood181372.222
Rowson, David JKingston868.750
Howes, David JS Norwood151066.667
Scrimgour, AlanKingston1065.000
Reddin, Roy JDS Norwood7457.143
Moss, StephenKingston2150.000
Jones, Richard WAshtead950.000
Denford, LesS Norwood1045.000
Wickham, MichaelEpsom1045.000
Lawrence, Peter ADorking11436.364
Chaudhry, AltafSurbiton530.000
Faulks, Nick WSurbiton10330.000
Lake, MartinWimbledon927.778
Gunn, Michael JGuildford4125.000
Miles, Barry SS Norwood8225.000
Phillips, Owen SS Norwood2½25.000
Collins, Michael ES Norwood5120.000
Wylie, Hugh FAshtead10220.000
Jones, H TrevorGuildford5½10.000
Khan, A QaiyumS Norwood100.000
Faint, Robert ASurbiton200.000
Browne, G Robin WSurbiton100.000