CompetitionMinor Trophy
Date4 October 2018

Home TeamDorking 2
Away TeamWimbledon 6

Match 11

BoardColourHome PlayerECFGradeScoreAway PlayerECFGradeScoreFinish
1WChesworth, Andrew260509A1351Perez Fadon, Andres297413H1390A
2BLawrence, Peter A114147J1341Vaughan, John267289D1310A
3WWalker, Julian262850J1060Slonczuk, Pawel315095B1201A
4BDavies, Will309027K820Brett, Alex I179703H1101A
5WMcDonnell, Barry R115267B64f0Perez Ruiz, Andres302665G961Q
6BGlynne-Jones, Robin293511K590Perez Fadon, Alejandro297412F631A



Submitted by Wimbledon 6 and confirmed by Dorking 2

CompetitionMinor Trophy
Date8 October 2018

Home TeamCrystal Palace 2
Away TeamAshtead 3

Match 12

BoardColourHome PlayerECFGradeScoreAway PlayerECFGradeScoreFinish
1BFewkes, David C110545A144½Mehendale, Krishna N115411E142½A
2WFields, Francis E170206D139½O'Mara, Patrick K162285H136½Q
3BBernard, Chris PJ182369D1301Perks, Christopher282906L1150U
4WHodgson, David L112793H1231(default)0
5BWalden, Howard225559F1101(default)0
6WJacobs, Talvin Joshua293967J81½Jurjevic, Robert253130G106½A

Submitted by Crystal Palace 2

Defaults were on Bds 4 and 5 at CP 2's request