Surrey Map

The Surrey map, made using Google Maps, can be found here. Google now provides Street View for the roads on which every SCCA affiliated club is currently situated except for Kingston

The pins are placed to locate the premises of the clubs, either just outside the premises or (if the premises are off-road) the entrance way

Street View: Click on the club name on the left hand panel and when the information window appears on the map, click the "more" down arrow and then click on "Street View". This should give a view of the entrance to the club premises and you can use the mouse to pan around and along the street

Map View: To get from Street View to Map View, click on the minus sign ("Zoom out of street view") in the top left corner of the picture

Satellite View: To get from Map View to Satellite View, click on the Satellite button in the top right corner of the map

Travel Directions: To get Google's suggested route to a club, click on the club name on the left hand panel and when the information window appears, click on Directions on the information window, then fill in your starting location (post code or town, etc.) at point A (top of left hand panel) and click on Get Directions underneath. The suggested route(s) should appear in the left hand panel and on the map

Note 1: Having got a view for one club that you like (Street View or Map View or Satellite View) you can get the same view for another club by simply clicking on the club's name on the left hand panel

Note 2: Google is constantly changing its software, updating its Street Views and sometimes changing the Google Maps behaviour and occasionally introducing bugs. Please let the webmaster ( know of any problems

Note 3: Google has noted on the map the position of many shops, churches, businesses, institutions, etc. Unfortunately, these are only very roughly placed (may be dozens of yards or more out) and should be ignored