CCF (Coulsdon Chess Fellowship)

84/90 Chipstead Valley Rd, Coulsdon, CR5 3BA
Meet on Mondays: juniors (4.30 to 6.45), internal competitions and home team matches

CCF is probably the largest chess club in the country with well over 100 regular members - and it caters well for a full range of abilities and tastes. Uniquely, all of our internal tournaments/games are FIDE (Internationally) rated as well as nationally graded. We run club championship divisions, a knock-out cup (called The World Cup - with an appropriate trophy!), 5 Speed Chess evenings (including a RP team event, RP Club Championship and Blitz Club Championship) plus an internal LP team event once a month

It is ideal for anyone who wants good competitive chess and who likes to have one specific night per week allocated for their chess playing. Players can regulate how many of the events they play in, so do not have to play every week if they don't want to. For those who like inter-club chess, we enter as many teams in the Surrey and Croydon Leagues, as our membership require each year. The CCF office organises everything centrally, thus internal matches get played! Once you join events, fixtures are set and posted on the web site on Fridays - you have the weekend to prepare, turn up Monday, check the seating plan and sit where your name card is. Play the game, record the result and go home. All centrally arranged

Separately to this, we also run a "Daytime" club with players having between 5 and 9 Wednesday afternoon matches (depending on the entry) in 3-4 month long events. Matches start at 2pm; the main aim is to provide "senior" players with competitive (FIDE rated) chess finishing at a civilised hour. We work matches around your schedule

Because of the quality organisation and the FIDE rating aspect of the club, we attract players from considerably further away than most chess clubs would. We have had players travel to us regularly from towns such as Basingstoke, Brighton, Dover, London (all parts), Staines, Worcester & Worthing

Secretary c/o CCF Office 020 8645 9586

Treasurer c/o CCF Office 020 8645 9586

Surrey Trophy c/o CCF Office 020 8645 9586

Alexander Cup c/o CCF Office 020 8645 9586


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